Founded in 2008, VocalTek Solutions Inc. is a Montreal based company specializing in state-of-the-art speech processing solutions for professionals in both official languages. Our solutions include dictation, transcription and (front-end or back-end) speech recognition which can be customized and seamlessly incorporated into any desired workflow. All our solutions are turn-key and guaranteed to enhance productivity. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled comprehensive training and ongoing technical support from our software engineers for all our solutions to facilitate and ensure a harmonious transition for our clients, enabling them to immediately benefit from a rapid return on their investment. While our solutions are most often deployed in hospitals, medical clinics, law firms, legal departments, and government agencies, they are nonetheless adaptable and scalable to meet general applications in both large and smaller organizations as well as individuals. Our SDK solution allows providers to integrate dictation, transcription and/or speech recognition functionalities into their solutions. To compliment and diversify our product offerings, we’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Philips, the undisputed leader in dictation and transcription equipment as well as workflow software for law firms as well as Nuance, the leader in speech recognition software, to offer best of breed technology to meet our client’s needs and budgets.


With an installed base of over a thousand physicians currently benefiting from our speech recognition solutions, VocalTek is uniquely positioned to draw on this experience to completely customize our client solutions. Our clients include the two super-hospitals in Montreal, super-clinics, GMF’s, specialty clinics and institutes as well as RIS/PACS providers across Quebec. We work with all the certified EMR providers in Quebec including OmniMed, Medesync, Myle, Kinlogix, OFYS and Toubib.

VocalTek is an accredited partner of Nuance for the integration of Dragon Medical One (DMO), a cloud-based front-end speech recognition solution for both English and French physicians.


Scalable Hospital Grade Dictation, Transcription and Speech Recognition Workflow Solution

  • Centralized administration
  • Database-driven architecture
  • Flexible installation configurations to meet IT infrastructure requirements
  • Advanced workflow options to meet department-specific needs
  • Bi-directional interfacing for robust communications with existing system

Front-End Speech Recognition Solutions

  • On-site or cloud hosted front-end speech recognition solutions for doctors who currently type their patient notes directly into an EMR, EHR or other third-party solutions
  • Speech recognition enables data entry at up to 140 words per minute
  • Potential to add customized templates and dictation macros to further enhance productivity
  • Rapid return on investment

Dictation, Transcription and Speech recognition Workflow Solutions for Specialists

  • Provides the option for doctors to finalize themselves their reports produced with front-end speech recognition, or to send them with original recording to a transcriptionist for editing
  • Enhance transcriptionist assistance twofold as they receive speech recognized text ready for editing
  • Potential to add customized templates and dictation macros to further enhance productivity
  • Interfacing/integration possibilities with third-party solutions such as a RIS or PACS
  • Rapid return on investment


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Radiology Specialty – Realtime Speech Recognition: Example 1

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Radiology Specialty – Realtime Speech Recognition: Example 2


VocalTek’s proprietary software development kit (SDK) is used by solutions providers across Canada to cost-effectively integrate dictation, transcription and speech recognition functionalities into their solutions.


  • Digital dictation with transcription by a secretary
  • Real-time speech recognition, with report finalized by author
  • Real-time speech recognition, with corrections by a transcriptionist
  • Back-end speech recognition, with corrections by a transcriptionist
  • Playback of completed reports in digital dictation or speech recognition mode


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The successful deployment of speech recognition has many components, including:
  • Choosing the most appropriate solution to achieve desired workflow
  • Optimizing the speech recognition rate from the outset with:
    • Specialized and customized lexicons
    • User-specific language model(s)
    • User-specific acoustic model
  • Customizing the solution to maximize efficiency
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • Comprehensive user training
  • Ongoing support
  • Speech recognition can be used to significantly reduce the time it takes to create notes as data entry can reach speeds of 140 words per minute

  • Whether the author completes his notes using real-time speech recognition or forwards the recognized text to a transcriptionist for edition, overall productivity is dramatically increased

  • Many repetitive tasks can be automated with voice-enabled dictation macros and custom commands

  • Reduction of administrative burden and associated costs

  • Reallocation of time savings to more important tasks

  • Rapid return on investment

  • Multiple speech recognition options including Dragon, SpeechMagic and VSpeech to better serve our clients with the most appropriate solution
  • Customization and integration of our solutions within desired workflow
  • VocalTek is a Canadian Master Digital Center Enterprise for Philips enabling us to resell, install, train and provide technical support all their professional speech processing products (hardware or software)
  • VocalTek is a Canadian value-added reseller for Nuance enabling us to resell, install, train and provide technical support on all Dragon solutions including Medical (DMPE or DMO), Legal and Professional
  • The R.O.I. on speech recognition is quite fast as the aim is to reduce the time spent on documentation by at least 25% from the outset
  • For instance, if a professional spends 2 hours a day on documentation, he/she can expect to gain an average of 30 minutes per day, 2.5 hours per week or 130 hrs per year. Assuming an average cost of $1,300 per year, the cost of the solution would average $10 for each hour saved.

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